Marco Müller

Marco Müller


Berlin, Germany

Profound, intellectual concepts

Marco Müller, Rutz, Berlin, Germany

What is the first choice of restaurant in Berlin for someone like Adria, Aduritz or Achatz? Where do you absolutely have to go? To Rutz restaurant and wine bar. An institution, a legend.

In 2001, Lars Rutz, a shining star of the sommelier scene, opened the wine bar with his partner Anja Schröder. Also on board were Carsten & Anja Schmidt, who ran a well-established wine shop. The concept with its simple formula of good food and good wines at a good price had arrived. The bar became well-known and popular, but in 2003, Lars Rutz died of cancer. From then on, well-known sommeliers like Jürgen Hammer, Hendrick Canis and Billy Wagner did stints at the Rutz. Ralf Zacherl was originally in the kitchen.

Marco Müller joined the restaurant in 2003. In 2007, he won the first Michelin star for Rutz, and in 2016, the highly deserved second star. Nancy Grossmann is now the sommelier. The success formula from the early years still remains. A new ethos has also been added, “For us, not only the quality of the products is important, but also their sustainability and authenticity, as well as the craftsmanship”. Following this guiding principle, Marco Müller creates dishes with profound intellectual concepts, using some amazing techniques he has invented himself. All his dishes are developed well beyond the product used. Everything is surprisingly individual and surprising in taste, where clumsy effects never vie for attention.