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Program Düsseldorf

The Symposium Düsseldorf 2020

The world’s best avant-garde chefs, live and on stage

What remains at the core of CHEF-SACHE, and this year is no exception, is to provide a venue and a main stage for international chefs. For two days, the chefs in Düsseldorf will inspire decision-makers from trade and industry, culinary professionals, restaurateurs, sommeliers, winegrowers, F&B managers and hoteliers with an impressive stage program.

Top chefs like Manu Buffara will delight the professional audience in Düsseldorf with their ideas, vision and ideologies in impressive live shows and will unveil the latest international culinary trends. The whole event is topped off by live discussions, demonstrations and lectures with, and by, industry experts and aspiring young chefs.

Motto 2020

“Environmental responsibility – what can we do for nature?”

In some slots, experts and top chefs will also be discussing this year’s motto.

This concerns the negative consequences of climate change that are felt and can be seen worldwide. Despite climate change, food is still flown around the world and shipped across the oceans using heavy fuels. Food production contributes to a third of global CO2 emissions. In this area, in particular, gastronomy can contribute to positive change. Trailblazers are already working on zero-waste and zero-carbon footprint concepts. But what can everyone involved do to keep our environment intact? This is exactly what some of the experts will be discussing in a few slots on the main stage.

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