Mauro Colagreco



The case for the uncomplicated

No. 11 / 50 Best
Mauro is an Argentinian by birth, with unmistakable Italian roots. His wife is from Brazil. He came to France to expand upon his cooking techniques. Alain Passard and Alain Ducasse became his mentors. He is now a restaurateur in his own right. On the Côte d’Azur, just a stone’s throw away from the border with the Italian Riviera, spread over three tiers, his restaurant nestles atop a hill overlooking the blue sea and offers a breath-taking view of the coast. These are precisely the surroundings that give distinction to Mauro’s style. He never wanted to do Argentinian cuisine. The emphasis in his menus rests on what the nearby ocean has to offer and what the gardens of the region provide. Fruit and vegetables flourish in a special microclimate. Nowhere else in France it is warmer, and the neighbouring Mediterranean Alps supply plenty of fresh water. Much comes from Mauro’s enchanted garden, where local fruits or crops grow on stone terraces, exotic plants brought back from the chef’s travels. Everything arrives fresh each day and as little as possible changes on the plate. Product variation –cooked, fried, sweetened or made crunchy – you won’t find that at Mauro’s. His cuisine is to be uncomplicated and the actual flavour of the food is given centre stage.
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