René Redzepi

Restaurant Noma 

Copenhagen, Denmark

Listen to the future:
René Redzepi & the Nordic Food Lab

For many years the chef of restaurant “noma” has been leading the top-end of international avant-garde cuisine. He is a pioneer in a daring field. His specialties lie in traditional and novel Nordic products, such as Reindeer moss, bark or crumble peat. His methods seem at first sight deceptively archaic. But don’t let looks deceive you for within that suspiciously scorched piece is a scrumptious bite of heaven. Like the works of Joseph Beuys or Claude Monet 150 years ago–both of whom led innovation in their fields–Redzepis work was never without controversy . Served living arthropods and crustacean, one is tempted, if not obligated, to remark, “That goes too far, that’s impossible! I would never eat this! In our country food safety inspectors would have closed the restaurant!” Hasty first impressions in the face of something revolutionary. But nothing less can be expected of pioneers. They challenge the norm, open new avenues never before considered, and it is our privilege to bear witness to these brave new steps into a whole exciting frontier.
Behind these innovative new ideas is the non-commercial research station , Nordic Food Lab, which is dedicated into searching for new and alternative elements for revolutionary culinary masterpieces such as a vegan foie gras and intensely delectable essences formed through fermentation.
Juergen Dollase will attend speech and cooking demonstration of René Redzepi.

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