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Tanja Grandits



18 Gault Millau Punkte, Chef of the Year 2014
The formula of harmony

A petite, yet strong and assertive, woman, steadfastly pursuing her own path. A woman who manages her team skilfully, with a great deal of sympathy and motivation. Tanja has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. The legendary Stucki experienced a renaissance under her charge. She was soon awarded two stars and now stands indisputably at the forefront of the Swiss avant-garde. Tanja’s style is unique. Unmistakeable. Her compositions are inspired by a matrix, a system, a formula, which she develops on a large sheet of paper, somehow a relic of her previous studies in chemistry. She uses her formula to compose the entire menu theoretically; all the produce, all the flavours, everything arranged according to colour. Each plate arrives in front of the guest in a harmony of colour, presented on “organic” tableware. Soft and elegant. A world of indulgence in red, yellow, ochre or purple, Tanja’s favourite colour. And it is not a gimmick. Different colours taste different. The taste of green, yellow or red. Evidence of Grandits’ theory. Everything of the same colour seems to match in taste. She calls it “flavour cooking” – a delight for the senses.

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