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The world’s best avant-garde chefs, live and on stage

The Vienna Symposium

At the heart of CHEF-SACHE is the Vienna symposium, the main stage for international chefs. For two days, chefs in Austria will be inspiring decision-makers from trade and industry, culinary professionals, restaurateurs, sommeliers, winegrowers, F&B managers and hoteliers with an impressive stage program.

The main stage at the Vienna symposium will be the setting for national and international avant-garde cuisine. Top chefs such as Heinz Reitbauer (Steirereck), Max Stiegl (Gut Purbach), Oliver Pena (Enigma) or the Austrian Healthy Boy Band – to name just a few top-flight names will also be there.

Motto 2021

“From farm to plate”

The motto of the Vienna Symposium is, “From farm to plate.” After the technical avant-garde, with its texturizers and high-tech cooking appliances, had largely detached itself from the original product, a renewed focus was again turned on the product in the regional cuisine that subsequently developed. A prerequisite for good food is someone who knows how to grow it, breed it or fish it. These elite producers are nowadays, to some extent, equal partners alongside the ambitious chefs. CHEF-SACHE brings some of these chef-producer networks on stage and demonstrates the journey the food takes, from the original idea to produce it to the finished dish on the plate. It’s an homage to the honest, authentic and young avant-garde.

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