Tristan Brandt

Tristan Brandt

Opus V
Mannheim, Germany

Extremely varied concepts

Tristan Brandt, Engelhorn Gastronomie, Mannheim, Germany

Tristan Brandt is an exceptionally talented chef de cuisine.

At his two-star restaurant Opus V, he fulfils his idea of modern, creative, contemporary French cuisine. But that’s not all. As the managing director of Engelhorn Gastro GmbH, he is responsible for four other restaurants, one of which has a star, a champagne bar, a chocolaterie and a coffee bar, as well as working with more than 130

employees. More restaurants are planned. Another special feature is that all the catering establishments are located in and around the Mannheim fashion store Engelhorn. Each restaurant is completely unique and designed for specific target groups and occasions. The casual roof garden serves bar and street food, Faces Lounge classic cuisines, Le Corange mainly seafood and Coq au Vin, French bistro fare. As different as these may seem, the DNA of the range is consistent. Everything freshly cooked, every ingredient top quality, everything Tristan Brandt. It is a long way from the ivory tower of Michelin star gastronomy and proves that even burgers, tarte flambée and schnitzel can win people over with their culinary excellence. In his talk, Brandt will tell this story in more detail. It is a balancing act between Michelin starred cuisine and bistro gastronomy.