Kobe Desramaults

In de Wulf 


Harsh, mellow, natural

No. 1 OAD Liste 50 Best of Europe
In the land of wolves and hares, and in the heart of the expansive, lonely fields of Belgium close to the French border lies the country’s most uncompromising avant-garde restaurant. Here you’ll encounter a gastronomic concept that holds great, revolutionary potential. In “In de Wulf” everything is different. The dining area here is missing the conventional luxury of other gourmet restaurants. Simple wooden tables set without fine table linen and wooden flooring underfoot. Outside, a beautiful rural garden with an oven. The guests are served in a befitting modern-rustic manner. From this, the style of the cuisine may be discerned. Kobe consistently adheres to the Nova Regio philosophy and puts it into practice in a minimalistic form. Pork rind chips with bacon, served on jute, celeriac in a baked salt crust or pain brûlé, maroilles – a baked bread with maroilles cheese. “Our cuisine is sometimes harsh, sometimes mellow, but always natural”, says the young, 34-year-old chef whilst describing his own work.
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