Felix Schneider

Felix Schneider


Heroldsberg, Germany

Felix Schneider, Our very being**

Regional avant-garde

“Our very being is about having an appreciation and respect for food and for producers.  Respect for natural processes; food needs time to mature.  Respect for the seasonal and regional.   That is why we have built up a close-knit network in order to be able to obtain food of the highest quality.  Exactly when it is ready.  Respect in how we interact with one another starts in the kitchen.  This is where respect for the guest develops in our everyday routine.  For us, the truth is not only on the plate, it is part of our very being”, according to the philosophy of the restaurant.

Unlike many others, Felix Schneider likes to do things for himself.  He is someone, who enjoys digging in the garden soil and going out to collect ingredients.  He is also someone who does not just rely on good suppliers.  Thus, he is in the tradition of the first generation of New Nordic Cuisine or a Mauro Colagreco, who follows a similar philosophy with completely different ingredients.  At Schneider, it is all about discovering regional resources, utilizing them holistically and, where possible, improving them.  There are no geographical or culinary boundaries.  Borders are fluid. Ultimately, it is the spirit of discovery delving into the diversity of species that renders any transregional product strategy unnecessary.  Ornamental quince instead of lemon, crayfish instead of scampi. Schneider’s research in the field of fermentation is also remarkable, in particular, his study of the Asian fungus, Koji.  Through it, Schneider generates completely new taste pictures.