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Masterclasses for sommeliers
and wine enthusiasts from the industry
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The SCHOOL OF WINE is primarily aimed at sommeliers, F&B managers, chefs and service staff with a high affinity to the topic of corresponding drinks. The SCHOOL OF WINE is not a conventional tasting event. The focus is on content that is conveyed in a “genuine” school setting: Masterclasses at world-class level, given by the world’s leading experts.


Presenter: Stephie Döring
11:30 Uhr - 12:30 UhrWINES OF PORTUGAL - Portugal's experts in the art of blending wine & their world-class terroirs - D. Schwarzwälder
13:00 Uhr - 15:00 UhrSassicaia - Decades of a wine - MW Markus del Monego
15:30 Uhr - 16:30 UhrWEIN AUS SPANIEN - Minerality and polish - the cool elegance of Spain - David Schwarzwälder
17:00 Uhr - 18:00 UhrNew Zealand Wine - A Discovery Tour through New Zealand - Marc Almert
Presenter: MW Caro Maurer
10:00 Uhr - 11:00 UhrWine scales: purely a question of taste or a systematic form of assessment? - MW Caro Maurer
11:00 Uhr - 12:00 UhrPiemont "indigenous" - Norbert Reinisch
12:30 Uhr - 13:30 UhrDeutsches Weininstitut - The wide range of German sparkling wines - MW Romana Echensperger
13:30 Uhr - 15:30 UhrScharzhofberg: a legend - MW Caro Maurer
15:30 Uhr - 16:30 UhrÖsterreich Wein - Food pairing outside the Veltliner comfort zone - Gerhard Retter+Yannic Stockhausen
16:30 Uhr - 17:30 UhrBureau de Champagne - Components of assemblage - Sascha Speicher + Christian Josephi

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Theme area for top target groups in the wine sector

Network platform for sommeliers and wine experts

Not just a tasting course, but master classes at world-class level

All gathered on a single main stage






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